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A little bit about myself: I live Center Point, IA which was where I attended school from preschool all the way until I graduated. I’m pretty goofy and do a lot of smiling and laughing - usually at my own jokes. If I gave you a list of my favorite things, half would probably be food related, but some of my OTHER favorite things (not including Mexican food and cupcakes) would be traveling to pretty much anywhere, camping with my family, going on walks with my boyfriend, Jake, and barefoot in the grass. Oh! And I’m a new cat-mom to our little fiesty fur-balls, Mewbert and Juniper. They definitely needs to be on my list of favorite things!

I started doing photography when my mom asked me take my sister’s senior photos and have been hooked ever since. Friends and family started asking me to take photos for them, and that’s when I realized I had talent for photography AND it was something I really loved to do! As the years passed, I’ve turned my passion for photography into a booming business. Each new session brings a new challenge – something that’s good for my soul!

I adore meeting new families, as well as growing with the families I’ve known forever, and being the person they trust to capture their “right now” — the exact moment that reminds them in 5, 10, 50+ years of the little giggles, the joy in eyes, a sweet embrace, or how a hand felt in theirs. Or, maybe just simply the way they felt and how they loved. Being that person, well, it's a blessing beyond words.

I'd love to be your photographer to capture your “right now,” and I can’t wait to chat with you.

My Team

Jessica,   Assistant Photographer

Jessica, Assistant Photographer

Lindsey,  Assistant Photographer

Lindsey, Assistant Photographer

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