Each curve is a work of art. You might not see it now, but you will! A boudoir session is a great way to remind you just how beautiful you really are. Whether you prefer lingerie or something cozier, we will style your session to your taste. Sessions start at $450 and professional hair and makeup is included in your session, so get ready for some pampering! (AND - I offer specials if you’re one of my brides OR you book with a friend!) P.S. I have a private, woman-only Facebook group that I think you should check out (Boudoir by Lehia)!  


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Why sign up for a boudoir session?

I send out a questionnaire after a woman decided to book with me. I ask them this same question.

Did you know that the majority say they're doing it as a gift for their partner? But once I get to know them a little better, they express how much they've wanted to do it for THEMSELVES!

LADIES - doing things to make yourself feel better, to give you that confidence boost, that reassurance, is not selfish!! DO THIS FOR YOU! The gorgeous, amazing YOU that you are now!

I'm telling you right now. Every woman I have met can give me a list of the things they'd prefer I'd hide or de-emphasize during their boudoir session. And of course, I will pose you in ways that flatter you! But I'm also going to pose you in ways that show off your least-loved areas. Because you know what?? I guarantee you're going to see yourself in a new, self-loving, "is that really me," light.

The BEST compliment I get during boudoir sessions is when the nervous-girls turn into the walking-around-with-everything-hanging-out girls because they feel SO comfortable during their session.

Take the leap that might feel crazy, nerve-wracking, selfish, soooo out of your comfort zone. Reaching out to sign up or even ask questions is sometimes the hardest part. But sometimes the things that make you the most nervous are the things make the biggest impact in your life.

It's hard to take that first step out of your comfort zone. But it's worth it. And trust me, YOU'RE worth it. And I guarantee you won't regret it!

This lady is amazing! I have been in front of her camera countless times this past year & every experience has been beyond amazing! She takes amazing photos and makes you feel so comfortable! If you are looking for a great, hard working & sweet photographer Lehia is your girl! Plus she is always handing out sweets. She will be the only person I go to for professional photos from now on!
— Marley